Did you know you could get prettier, healthier, and even less expensive to maintain hair with regular appointments? Routine maintenance is important with anything in life, especially with your hair. Regular hair appointments is the key. Here’s why:

Regular Cuts Promote Hair Growth.
People ask me all the time, will trimming my hair make it grow faster? The answer is yes, not because it physically will grow faster, but regular trimming prevents split ends. When your hair gets a split end, it can cause breakage; your hair can spilt, break, then split again. I’ve even seen hair that has numerous splits on one strand. Once this starts, it is hard to repair, which is why regular appointments will prevent this from happening. 

Cutting hair

Better Color (the more growth you have, the more costly and difficult it can be to color).
When you are coloring hair, perming or straightening hair, it is easier to achieve predictable results on a consistent out growth. When you come in with inconsistent grow out, you leave your hairdresser with variables that can be challenging to work with. For example, color is affected by heat and even cool air. If you have a ½ grow out and I am applying color, the heat from your scalp will assist the coloring procedure perfectly. On the other hand, if you come in with 3 inches of growth now the heat from your scalp is one zone and the other 2 ½ inches is a cool zone. This will result in uneven color, which can cause “Banding”. When we get banding, we have to go back in and try to level out the banding with more hair coloring, which can be hard on the hair and get costly. Same can be said if you are doing any other chemical services, perming or straightening hair. 

Hair coloring

Healthy Hair with Deep Conditioning.
It is also important to schedule or do at home weekly deep conditioning, even if you have no chemicals in your hair. Just normal wear and tear our water, sun, lighting, and cold hair can cause its own damage to your hair.
Having consistent appointments helps control our variables and allows you to have healthier, prettier hair. The important thing to do is map out a plan with your stylist. Ask them what the best schedule is for you and your hair to maintain this look and keep your hair healthy. This will save you money in the long run and keep you looking your best.

Deep hair conditioning treatment

Check out our guide below to see when you should schedule your next appointment and discuss a plan with your stylist! Book your appointment at You Beauty Lounge in Anchorage, Alaska today.