Did you know that when your scalp is healthy, your hair is in better condition and grows faster and thicker? An unbalanced scalp can cause hair loss and rapid shedding. Winter can be hard on our skin and scalp every year. Unfortunately, dry patches on our scalp can be irritating, and cause delay growth and cause thinning. Keeping your scalp healthy with good blood flow is imperative. Even if you don’t have any obvious scalp conditions, you should be doing scalp maintenance just to keep your scalp the healthiest it can be. Here are our recommendations on how to care for your scalp during harsh winter months: 

Use an exfoliating shampoo.
At You Beauty, we recommend Davines Solu Sea Salt Shampoo once a week, it has exfoliating beads designed to remove any unwanted residue on your  scalp without stripping it from vital oils. You can purchase it at our beauty salon in Anchorage, Alaska.

Davines Sea Salt Scrub

At Home Oil Treatments.
If oil is something you are missing, you can do at home oil treatments while you sleep. We recommend Eufora’s Beautifying Serum. Apply it to your scalp and massage in and shampoo out in the morning. This deep penetrating serum provides exceptional results for hair and scalp health. Eufora’s blend of Cranberry, Neem, Kukui, and Argan oils are rich in omega essential acids, vitamins and minerals, delivering superb moisturizing and antioxidant benefits. Essential Oils provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits with a pleasant aroma too.

Beautifying Serum

I know this can be an embarrassing conversation to have with your stylist, but I can reassure you, we see it everyday and it is a very common issue to have. At You Beauty Lounge, our goal is to help you feel your most beautiful self, so we aim to make our guests feel comfortable in any situation. Balance is key, talk to your stylist and see what they recommend for your scalp maintenance. Your hair will thank you!

All product recommendations can be purchased at our hair salon in Anchorage, Alaska. We believe in the quality and sustainability of the products we carry in our salon. We aim to only provide the best for our clients.