The Only Salon in Alaska where You can Enjoy a glass of Wine with your Service!

Guests under 21 we have a designated area for services to anyone under 21-please alert the staff when booking to ensure we schedule your appointment correctly. When you come to your appointment please enter the Suite 6 frosted glass door to the left of the enterance to Sip Cafe. Thank you for your patience-we look forward to your visit. 

We love beauty! We believe beauty is in all that surrounds us and hope to share that with our guests with all of our beauty salon services from hair and waxing to estheticians services and injections. So, let’s start with your hair. Our stylists do everything from cuts to extensions, and even braiding. We use organic products to help protect the texture and integrity of your hair so that YOU can have healthy, beautiful hair!

We are connected to Sip Cafe and Coffee Lounge. Feel free to check out their Menu and enjoy any of their food, wine, or beer with your appointment!

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