8 Amazing Updos and How You Can Get Them

Are you looking for a chic updo to bring up your style game? An ideal updo should be classy and elegant, time-effective, and functional. There is a lot you can do with your hair. You just need a fine hand over different buns, ponytails, and braids.

We have compiled a list of timeless hair updos that are quick and easy to style and will go perfectly with the look you want to carry.

Loose updos for women

Messy Bun

A messy hairdo is a new fad in the world of fashion, and it seems like it is here to stay. Messy buns are quick and convenient, and easy to style and maintain. Moreover, they help put together an effortless look you can carry all day. All you need for a messy hair bun is a comb, hairpins, elastic bands, and a hair spray.

  • Part your hair in two sections and tie each section in a knot.
  • Tie an elastic band below the knot and part the hair under it.
  • Keep repeating the first two steps for your hair under the knots and elastic bands, according to the size of your hair. The longer your hair, the more knots it will require.
  • Once you make the knots, fold them up and pin them in, but don’t forget to leave the ends out.
  • Add volume by tugging the hair on your crown.
  • Use hair spray to keep your updo in place.

Twist and Tuck Bun

Twist and tuck buns are famous for their sophisticated looks and easy-to-style nature. You can carry them perfectly with your casual as well as formal looks. Here is an easy way to style your hair in a twist and tuck bun:

  • Tie your hair in a neat ponytail.
  • Twist the ponytail to a 180-degree angle and create an opening between the bun.
  • Flip over the bun and tuck it in that opening.
  • Use hairspray to secure the hairstyle.

A French Twist

A French twist is one of the most sophisticated hair updos that always remain in style. They are highly recommended for formal occasions, such as proms and weddings. All you need for this hairdo is around 15 – 20 bobby pins and a hair spray.

Here is how you can make a simple French twist:

  • Sweep up your hair on one side and secure them with the help of bobby pins.
  • Make a tiny loop in the bottom of your hair and neatly roll all your hair in the center.
  • Secure your hair with more bobby pins and use a scallop air clip if required.
  • Use a mild hair spray to hold the look for longer.

Low Bun

Low buns are always in style, whether it is for proms, weddings, or work. They are easy to make and do not take much time to style.

Here are some simple steps to prepare a low bun:

  • Brush your dry hair properly and tie a loose ponytail.
  • Part the ponytail into two sections and twist both sections arid themselves.
  • Wrap the twisted hair into a bun and tuck it inside your ponytail.
  • Don’t forget to spray for a long-lasting fix!

The Chic Ponytail

Sometimes, a simple ponytail can keep your hair off your face and make you look chic at the same time.

Let’s a take a look at one of the easiest way to style a chic ponytail:

  • You can make this ponytail on both damp and dry hair.
  • Add body to your hair by using a thickening spray.
  • Use a curling iron to add loose waves to your hair.
  • Slightly comb your hair around the crown to add volume.
  • Use a brush to gather your hair into a ponytail and place it between your head and neck.
  • Smoothen the hair on your crown for a neat look.

A Headband Braid

The headband braid is also often known as a crown braid. It is easy to get a neat, elegant look that everyone will love.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Part your hair from the center and divide them into two parts.
  • Part your hair from the center in two equal portions.
  • Divide each portion into three equal parts.
  • Make a ditch braid around your hairline on each side.
  • Secure the braids neatly on ten top of your head and pin them properly.

An Upside-Down Braid

If you like to try new and unique hairstyles but do not want to look like an odd one, an upside-down hair braid is a must-try. Here’s an easy way to make it:

  • Flip your hair upside down, and split it into two parts.
  • Braid each section upside down, one at a time.
  • Flip your hair back up and pull it in a high ponytail
  • Wrap the pony in a bun and fix it with a bobby pin.

French Braid

One of the oldest hairstyles that we know of is the French braid. The best part about the French braid is that it is ideally suited for all occasions and never goes out of style. People love them because they are quick to prepare and comfortable to wear all day.

Here is a quick way to get a French braid look that you will love:

  • Start braiding your hair from the bottom of your neck.
  • You should hold the sections you have made tight for a neat and secure effect.
  • As you reach the top of your head, wear a headband to secure the braid.
  • Backcomb your crown hair to add texture and volume to your look. You can also pull it forward to wear a fringe.

Wrapping it Up

Carrying the perfect hair updo is every woman’s dream. All you need is some creativity and the willingness to experiment. Many people shy away from trying new looks because of a shortage of time.

We have shared some of our favorite easy updos that are quick to make and comfortable to carry. Our easy-to-follow steps will make you a pro in no time! We hope you like them.