9 Fashion Makeup Trends for Spring

Looking for a simple way to glam up your look this coming season? We’ve got you covered!

As many of you must have observed, this year’s focus has been on the no-makeup look with bold, embellished eyes and lots of glitters. Glossy lips are still in, and so are bold-colored blushes.

While choosing your makeup style for the spring season, keep in mind the occasion you are getting ready for and the time (day or evening).

Keep scrolling to learn some of the best makeup trends for the spring season.

Purple Eyes

Let your eyes steal the show! Purple, peri, or violet shades are all the rage this year and top the list of the best makeup trends for 2022. No wonder we have spotted some high-flying celebrities and models wearing these shades. Purple eyeshadow is best worn with minimal makeup, helping draw the complete focus towards the eyes.

You can wear different shades of purple to make heads turn! The simplest way to do this is by starting with the lightest purple found on your palette and apply it right under your brow. Then, take the second lightest shade and spread it on your eyelid. Apply medium purple to your crease and a hint of the darkest purple at the bottom of the eyes.

Pink Eyeshadow

Pink is one color that never goes out of fashion! Pink makeup holds a special place in the hearts of most people, and it is the perfect shade to complement the spring season. The best part about pink is that it has numerous shades (lightest to darkest) that you can experiment with.

This shade goes perfectly well with all kinds of skin tones and wardrobe choices. Some of the best pink eyeshadow application ideas include smoky pink eye shadow, hot pink lids, shimmery pink, and light dewy pink eyes. Our favorite combination is light pink eyeshadow with a fuchsia eyeshadow and a hot fuchsia lip tint.

Fanned-Out Lashes

This makeup trend is here to stay! One of the most important makeup products that will take your look to the next level is a voluminous mascara. It emphasizes your makeup, making your eyes look bigger and deeper.

High-volume lashes add the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. Use a good quality mascara to darken your lashes and increase their length while giving them a well-defined curl.

Highlighted Eyes

Did you know the way you do your eyes can make or break your makeover!

Applying a highlighter to your eyes can make them look fresher and brighter, which is why it is amongst our top makeup trends 2022. One way to make your eyes look fresh is to add a hint of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes. This simple makeup tip will arch your brow and cheekbones while making the skin around the eyes look lighter.

Moreover, you can use a highlighter as a replacement for your eyeshadow to make your look more natural and subtle yet luminous. This look is highly recommended for people looking for a modest yet elegant makeup look.

Natural Brows

Keep them natural to keep them real! This season’s trend has been to keep your brows as natural as possible. Natural brows are not only low maintenance but also give a timeless, youthful look.

You can make your natural brows look neater by tweezing the area between the brows and applying a good quality brow gel over them to keep them in place. You can further outline and shape your brows by running a neutral-colored brow pencil over them.

Minimal Foundation

Nothing looks better than your natural skin! The spring season calls for a minimal to no foundation look. Most fashion enthusiasts use a light primer or a good quality serum on the face before applying their foundation.

But, it is better to focus on your skin rather than cover it up with foundation. You can start by mixing your foundation with your favorite skincare product and keep reducing the amount gradually.

Bright Cheeks

Using a bright-colored blush makes your cheekbones pop! In fact, there is nothing better than flaunting your cheekbones with some hot colors and heavy blushes. You can go for reds and pinks to add a rosy glow to your skin, while bronze can give your skin a sun-kissed look. Don’t forget to add some blush to your nose to make your skin look more natural!

Glossy Lips

Gloss adds a subtle glow to your lips! There is a reason why glossy lips have made it among the top of this season’s fashion makeup trends 2022. As bold eyeshadows come into fashion, makeup artists have started using lighter lip colors so that the overall look doesn’t feel heavy.

You can replace or cover your lipshade with gloss to add shine to the lips and make them more noticeable. Use lip gloss with shine or glitter for a glamorous look.

Red Lips

A timeless and elegant look, red lips are powerful! Not only do they make you look chic and enchanting, but they also add a touch of boldness to your overall personality. The best part is that red lipstick can complement both fancy outfits as well as basic everyday wear.

However, red lipstick looks best with minimal to no makeup. It is also smart to choose a matte shade rather than a glossy one so that they don’t smudge easily and create a lasting effect.


Whether you are going for a subtle look or want to make a flashy entrance this spring, we hope that the tips that we have shared can help you make the perfect makeup choices!