DMK Enzyme Line Service

Who does not want plumper, healthier, clearer, and toned-looking soft and supple skin? Most people reading this have possibly hit their thirties and are experiencing skin problems that they never had before. Like it or not, you are beginning to age, and while you may not feel it, your skin is telling you that it needs more care than before.

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Signs Of Aging

As we age, our skin undergoes many changes. Collagen fibers in the skin give elasticity to the skin, and after the age of 20, the amount of collagen begins to decrease, resulting in loss of elasticity of the skin, causing the skin to sag and become loose. The skin’s natural exfoliating process decreases by 20 percent, causing an accumulation and clumping up of dead skin cells. This makes the skin look duller and darker. With age, fat cells present in the skin’s dermis begin to shrink and lose moisture, making the skin look less plump and giving a shrunken appearance to the face.

Signs of aging include:

  • Duller looking skin
  • The appearance of fine lines
  • Skin dryness
  • Sagging skin
  • Sunspots and signs of sun damage
  • Thinner skin
  • The appearance of marks on the skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Loss of tone
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Skin becomes rougher
  • Skin becomes easily bruised
  • Takes longer to heal
  • Skin becomes translucent

Factors that contribute to skin damage include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Sleep position
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Lack of sleep

What is DMK Enzyme Line Service?

DMK enzyme line therapy is a fantastic facial technology that works on the blood vessels causing them to expand and come more dilated, supplying more oxygen-rich blood to the face to nourish while removing impurities and toxins and detoxoifying the skin on face making it glow and appear healthier, cleaner and tighter.

How Does It Work?

This is a specialized plant-based formula rich in enzymes that works by reverse osmosis to detoxify the blood and lymphatic circulatory system, dilating the blood vessels and encouraging more oxygen to flow to the skin’s surface by dilating blood vessels. It is a 45-minute procedure, and as the enzyme-rich mask dries, it begins to harden and weigh down on the skin. It is applied from armpit to armpit; therefore, it covers the entire face, neck, and shoulder area.

Does It Hurt?

The procedure is not painful, but due to enzyme activity at the surface level, the skin might feel slightly tingly and might sting a bit. You can feel the enzymes acting on your skin. This is not painful, but some might feel a little uncomfortable with the tingling sensation.

People who are anxious or claustrophobic might feel uncomfortable towards the end of the treatment as the mask begins to harden. It becomes heavier and weighs down on the skin, making the person feel suffocated, as though they are unable to breathe. It helps to have someone around to hold your hand and calm you down during the procedure

Are Results Instant?

Yes, the results are instant. Once the 45 minute procedure is done, the mask is removed using warm wet towels and the skin is hydrated. Immediately after the treatment the skin feels tighter healthier and more nourished. It appears brighter and more radiant and people can appreciate results instantly. Some people might experience vascular matting which is the appearance of blood vessels on the surface of their skin but this goes away after some time.

How Often Should You Get This Treatment Done?

It is best to consult with a specialist prior to treatment but it is recommended to get the second treatment two weeks after your first. Subsequently you can schedule one treatment every four weeks. It takes 6 to 12 treatments to see ideal results. While it cant take you back ten years it can however rejuvenate your skin and restore its potential to repair, replenish and protect which it once was able to do.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects to this procedure and it is suitable for all skin types. Weather dry or oily. The older and more damaged the skin is, the more results will be visible after treatment.

It is advised to get a skin consultation by a specialist before going in for the therapy and to discuss any anxiety issues you might have. Try not to wear makeup 24 hours before and after the procedure, and do not expose your skin to the sun before or after treatment for 2 days.

Do not get the treatment done if you have broken or cut skin, as this might sting a lot during the procedure.

Are There Any Contraindications For DMK Enzyme Therapy?

DMK enzyme therapy is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The Benefits Of DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK enzyme line therapy works

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Stimulates the muscles on the face to reveal an instantly lifted and toned face
  • Gets rid of toxins and impurities to reveal glowing skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin
  • The skin appears tighter and firmer and immediately looks more youthful
  • Roughened skin appears smoother, clearer, and softer
  • A healthy blood supply to the skin makes it look more nourished and healthy
  • Supple, hydrated, and plumper skin results

The Final Word

DMK exzyme line therapy works by flushing out impurities from the skin, hydrolyzing dead skin material, and nourishing the skin from within leaving the skin looking healthier, smoother, brighter, cleaner, hydrated, poreless, tighter, and more youthful. It is ideal for aging, dull, congested, acne-prone skin and works to remove dead skin material, rebuild the skin cells to work at their optimum level, protect it from sun damage and free radicals and maintain its regenerated and replenished appearance.