Easy Holiday Hair Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner. Are you planning a big reunion for Christmas break? Is there a big Thanksgiving dinner coming up? There is nothing like taking a break from your everyday routine and spending quality time with your loved ones. No matter how formal the occasion is, you want to look your best when you are catching up with your friends and family. Here are some super simple and stylish hairstyles that you can wear over the holidays.

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Visit Your Hair Stylist Before The Main Event

It is a good idea to make an appointment with your hairstylist before the holidays. Getting a trim will ensure no split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and fresh throughout the break. You may schedule an appointment with one of our fantastic hair stylists at [client’s salon] for a trim and some great holiday hair tips. We also give a complimentary hair wash treatment service with every haircut using the Davines’s Oi Luster product line that leaves your hair looking healthy, hydrated, soft, and shiny in just one wash. No matter what hairstyle you choose to wear your hair in, or even let it loose, freshly trimmed hair never fails to disappoint.

Tie It Up

High Ponytail
You can tie your hair up into a high ponytail and curl the ends with a curling iron. A curly high ponytail looks super cute and casual while at the same time keeping your hair out of your face and looking tidy. This is great for when you are hosting and if you like to wear your hair up.

Bubble Braid
Bubble braids are another fun hairstyle that looks cute over Christmas break. You can comb anti-frizz into your hair and tie a ponytail. Next, use clear elastic bands, tie different sections of the ponytail along its length and tease and loosen it with your fingers to create a bubble braid. This is a classic twist to the regular ponytail and braids.

Side Braid Ponytail
If you prefer wearing your hair in a ponytail, you can add a fun element to this hairstyle by incorporating loose braids into your ponytail. Make small braids on both sides and tie them into your ponytail as you normally do. This is another hairstyle for those who have long hair and prefer tying it up rather than leaving them down.

Waterfall Braid
These look beautiful and can be held in place using bobby pins. They are super easy to do, and there are many tutorials on social media that you can use to perfect your waterfall braid. It looks beautiful, especially if you have colored or streaked hair.

Simple Braid
If you have long hair and are fond of wearing braids, then you can tie your hair into a long, sleek braid. You don’t always have to go all out. A simple classic braid is sometimes the perfect hairdo.

Pins And Clips
There are many pins and clips available in stores that have pearls and colorful stones on them. You can choose the ones that you like and pin your hair up on one side or both sides with the hair down in waves.

Half Tie Your Hair
You can leave your hair half-tied up as well. You may tie half your hair into a bun or a ponytail however you wish and add French braids on the top. You can completely straighten your hair with a flat iron and half-tie it to give your hair a sleek and tidy look. If you prefer, you may even use a curling wand and gently curl the ends of your hair. Don’t forget to finish with glossing and setting spray to settle flyaways.

The Wet Look

This look never fails to impress! It is the perfect chic look that elevates any outfit that you choose to wear over the holidays. All you have to do is take some gel cream, apply it to wet hair, and comb it through. Spritz on some anti-frizz glossing spray to finish and give you that super sexy look. So if you are still confused about whether to go with this look, don’t think twice and go with your gut.

A Messy Bun

If you are fond of tying your hair in a bun and don’t want to go with a sleek look, try giving yourself a messy bun look. Make sure to backcomb and spray your hair to add volume to your bun and give it a cool and trendy look.

Pearl Headband

You can adorn your hair with a pearl headband for the holidays! Pearl headbands enhance any hairdo and make it look extra pretty. Whether your hair has gentle waves or even a braid, you can add a pearl headband to complete the look. They look super cute.

Beachy Waves

You don’t have to be at the beach to get beachy waves; they look beautiful indoors as well and are super easy to do.

  • Wet your hair and condition it as you normally do.
  • Take a comb and empty bottle along with a bottle of volumizing spray or a frizz-control spray
  • Next, spray on some sea salt spray all over your hair
  • Allow it to air dry
  • Once it begins to dry, apply your frizz control and volumizing spray.
  • Braid your hair
  • Untie your braids, and voila! You may add flowers or accessories to adorn your beach waves.

Some Hair Care Tips When On Holiday

We tend to neglect our hair when we are on holiday. This is a big mistake as our hair is our best accessory. We should take good care of our hair as it contributes significantly to our appearance. Imagine your face without your hair. You would look so different and unaesthetic. Hair automatically uplifts our experience, and it is an added bonus when your hair is healthy, shiny, and full of volume.

Wear Sunscreen

Do not forget to wear sunscreen on your hair and scalp just as you do on your face. This is very important as UV rays can damage your hair just as badly as they can your skin. Sunscreen can protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun; therefore, it is very important to get maximum protection from it.

Add Extra Hydration

After shampooing your hair, do not forget to use conditioner in your hair, and in case your hair needs it, it is recommended to use an intense hydration mask. The more hydrated and moisturized your hair is, the healthier it will feel and look.

Massage Your Hair

Massaging your hair helps increase circulation in your scalp and brings more oxygenated blood and nutrients to the scalp, nourishing the hair follicles. Make sure to take some time and massage your scalp once a day or as often as possible. You may also use a good quality scalp oil as you massage your scalp in case your scalp is dry.

The Final Word

Our hair is often the most neglected part of our body, and it happens to be our best accessory. We underestimate our lovely locks, especially when we are super busy all year round. During the holiday season, you have some time off, and you should invest time and effort in taking care of your hair. Your hair deserves some TLC, and a holiday is just the time to do it. Let your hair breathe, refresh and regain its shine, health and body. You may even visit our salon [client’s salon] for a consultation with one of our highly skilled hairstylists who can recommend some hair styling tips to suit your hair and face and some hair care tips as well.