Eyelash Extensions 101 – Benefits and How They Work

When it comes to eyelashes, the beauty industry has seen it all—magnifying mascaras, heated curlers, miracle growth serums—you name it. No trend, however, seems as promising as eyelash extensions.

Every person desires full, long, fluttery lashes, and this amazing technique is undoubtedly one of the most popular beauty trends for luxurious lashes, and it’s here to stay.


Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

It’s important to understand how the procedure works before we get into the advantages of extending your natural eyelashes. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are hand-glued to the top of your natural lashes, and the length of time the results last is determined by average hair growth.

However, many experts advise that you have your lashes refilled every two to three weeks, depending on your retention and shedding cycle. This is necessary to maintain a natural appearance throughout the hair growth cycle.

Eyelash extensions are one of the most practical ways to improve your natural beauty that helps cut down on your everyday beauty routine. Now, if you are wondering why someone should get eyelash extensions, you should know that there are a lot of advantages. Let’s take a look at some very well-known ones!

  1. Saves Time
    Eyelash extensions save one from the hassle of adorning makeup every day. There are especially beneficial during the holiday season, when we have to spend a lot of time on the go, attending dinner parties, festivities, gift shopping, work events, holiday concerts, and so on. Any saved time is appreciated and much needed, and luckily, getting eyelash extensions will give you a few additional minutes of relaxation or downtime before every event!

  2. Boosts Confidence
    Many people with eyelash extensions report that wearing less makeup makes them feel better about their appearance. Being able to roll out of your bed and look like you’re wearing full mascara gives you a confidence boost.

  3. Gives Glamour
    Whether you’re planning to attend a wedding ceremony, reunion, or any other special event, you might want to get eyelash extensions right before that! The extra dash of glitz will boost your self-esteem and draw the attention of others.

    Additionally, getting eyelash extensions when you decide to go on a vacation can help you feel more confident without makeup. At the same time, it can help you cut down on the time you spend in your room applying mascara and getting ready for meals and outings.

  4. Enhances Your Features
    Most people desire to appear younger than their actual age. This explains why the makeup industry is growing by the day – and now, with the introduction of eyelash extensions, the beauty industry is exploding!

    These extensions naturally lift your eyes by lengthening your lashes without the risk of side effects associated with surgical procedures. They also give your face more depth, enhancing your features and providing you with a more youthful and graceful appearance.

  5. Low Maintenance
    With eyelash extensions, unlike mascara or false eyelashes, you can go swimming, take a hot bath, exercise, or cry your eyes out at a friend’s wedding without worrying about your makeup running. These extensions are extremely low-maintenance and water-friendly, both of which are significant advantages over false eyelashes.

Getting Eyelash Extensions –
What’s the Process Like?

Before initiating the procedure, the lash professional usually goes over all of the benefits and risks with the customer and inquires about any medical conditions they may have that would make eyelash extensions unsafe for them.

A small quantity of the eyelash extension adhesive is poured into an adhesive holder by the specialist before starting the process. Many professionals use special adhesive holders. This simplifies the process because then they don’t need to scrape the adhesive from the bottom of the storage bottle for each extension. It’s convenient to get to, and disposable adhesive holders keep the area clean.

The adhesive-coated end of the lash extension that attaches to the natural eyelash is then carefully applied to the chosen lash before being placed on top of it. Using tweezers improves the accuracy with which the eyelash extension can be applied.

Because the bonding adhesive on each lash dries in less than ten seconds, it’s critical to have the extensions applied by a trained professional. If a mistake is made, the professional will ensure that a remover is available to remove and discard the damaged extension. Once the bond is established, the lash extensions will resist tears, sweat, water, and sunlight. But make sure to avoid water for at least 24-48 hours after the procedure.

The days of needing to purchase waterproof mascara and trying to remember to wear it to specific events will be over. No more smudging your eyes if you cry unexpectedly or covering your face from the rain.

It takes about forty-eight hours for the eyelash extensions to set in. So, once those 48 hours are over, you can go ahead and cry (not that we want you to!), swim, run, or dance in the rain, sweat, or do whatever it was that the mascara was preventing you from doing. One thing is for sure – you don’t have to worry about runny mascara anymore!

Many people start using eyelash extensions because their natural eyelashes are short or weak. These extensions help boost the length and volume of natural eyelashes by promoting natural lash growth. While reliable lash serums can produce fantastic results, it usually takes 3-5 months for them to show. Eyelash extensions provide immediate satisfaction to people who are looking for quick results.

When applied by a skilled professional, eyelash extensions offer the added benefit of allowing clients to use an eyelash serum WHILE wearing the extensions. Meaning that their natural eyelashes continue to grow in length and density while the lash extensions provide instant gratification; now, that’s a complete win-win.