Get Shiny Hair Instantly

Do you have a very busy schedule? Have you been struggling to make time to look after your hair. have you been noticing that your hair has become dull and dry and lacks shine?

Our hair is often our most overlooked and neglected body part, and due to our busy and rushed routines, we subject our hair to harsh chemicals and repeated heat styling in an effort to make it look presentable. While our hair does have a magnificently resilient quality, there comes a time when it cannot take enough.

Instant shiny hair

What Is Damaged Hair?

The most common reason for hair damage is dehydration. As hair loses moisture, it becomes frizzy, brittle, and prone to breakage. It almost ‘looks’ thirsty. The only way to reverse hair damage is to repair the hair shafts by rejuvenating the hair. Nourishing it back to health and repairing the bonds within them.

The bonds within our hair become weakened and damaged, and you can visibly notice the difference in the texture and thickness of your hair. The hair strands become thinner and drier, and the hair quality diminishes. Your once healthy and bouncy hair becomes lifeless, limp, and dull. Hair needs attention, love, and care.

How To Treat Damaged Hair?

Often overlooked, our hair is so important for our physical appearance. Without hair, our entire appearance can change, which can shatter many people’s confidence. This is why it is important to recognize and treat hair damage early in life before it gets too late.

We have established that hydrated hair is healthy hair. Therefore the goal is to maximize hydration within hair strands and retain it. Depending on the cause of your hair damage, it can be treated by incorporating the following in your hair care regime:

Limit Or Hold Off On Heat Styling

Try to limit blow drying and straightening your hair for some time. Give your hair a break from all your heat styling tools and allow it to regenerate and breathe. Heat styling can damage the shape of your hair’s keratin strands, making them weaker, less elastic, and more prone to breakage.

Invest In Good Quality Hair Shampoo And Conditioner Suited To Your Hair

Not everyone has the same hair type. Visit a hairstylist and determine your hair type if you don’t know. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner that is best suited for your hair type and limit the number of times you wash your hair. Hair follicles have naturally occurring sebum glands that release oil that lubricates the scalp and hair strand. Recurrent washing can strip the scalp of these oils and make it drier. Try to use a milk shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type.

Oil Your Hair

Oiling the scalp once a week or more can help increase circulation in the scalp and provide oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the scalp and hair follicles.

Get Regular Protein Treatments

Keratin is a protein that protects the hair strand and gets damaged over time with heat and chemical exposure. Getting regular protein treatments can nourish the hair and improve its quality of hair.

Get The Oi Liquid Luster by Davines

Invest in this fantastic product by Davines that gives instant luster and shine to the hair. This Luxury Line called OI is included in all haircuts that are done at our salon. When you arrive at our salon [Client’s Salon], we go over the following steps:

  1. A detailed consultation where your stylist will take a look at your chosen inspiration photos, your facial structure, your hair and skin color, and the texture of your hair and then recommend the perfect look for you.
  2. A fantastic relaxing shampoo with a shampoo that will be hand selected to meet your hair needs.
  3. Next, you will be treated to a luxurious Oi Luster Davines treatment.
    The benefits of this treatment are:
    • Six times shinier hair
    • Five times silkier hair
    • Extreme softness
    • Hair does not feel weighed down.
    • Instant results after the first use
    • Super fast treatment and guaranteed no processing time
    • Your hairstylist will then proceed to give you the perfect haircut according to the shape of your face, hairline, and quality of your hair.
  4. Your stylist will then educate you on what they will use to style your hair and what you will need at home to recreate your new look
  5. Then your stylist will blow out your hair and polish it, and you will have a blowout that will last 2 to 3 days with little to no touch-ups
  6. Incorporate More Omega 3 Fatty Acids Into Your Diet

    Fish and fish products contain omega-3 fatty acids that are excellent for healthy and shiny hair

    Exercise And Stay Fit

    Exercising helps to de-stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress can be very damaging to your physical and mental health.

    Treat Your Underlying Medical Condition

    Do not ignore or neglect any underlying medical health conditions you suspect you might have.

    Stay Hydrated

    This point cannot be stressed enough. Drink, drink and drink more water. Dehydration can wreak havoc in your body and can be the root cause of so many problems.

    Use a Heat Protectant

    Use a good quality heat protectant each time before you are about to heat style your hair. There are many available in the market. You can ask a hairstylist to recommend one that is best for your hair.

    Use Uv Hair Protectant

    Just as the UV rays from the sun can damage your skin, they can have a similarly damaging effect on your hair. Make sure to apply UV protectant on your hair when going out under the sun.

    The Final Word

    Hair care is so important. If you have a busy schedule and do not have the time to give proper care and attention to your hair, visit [Client’s salon] and let our professionals take care of you. For days when you need instant results, book an appointment [Client’s website] and get a Davines Oi Liquid Luster treatment and wash for shinier softer, and healthier hair.