Joshuah “Shu” Shumelda

Therapeutic Massage Artist

With over 30 years in the massage industry, my journey includes a decade at renowned healing institutions in Palm Beach, Florida, where I mastered a plethora of techniques. Acupressure, craniosacral therapy, medical massage and reflexology just to name a few of over 70 certifications. My expertise lies in providing therapeutic and relaxing experiences, adept in alleviating pain and rejuvenating both body and spirit. Having taught massage therapy for 17 years, I have nurtured skills across all age groups. Now, I bring that refined ‘spa-fistication’ from Palm Beach back to my home in Alaska, offering an unparalleled massage experience.

Fun Fact…

I teach Nunchaku to people for shoulder pain relief and support.


If you have a lifestyle that was support your body, your body will support your lifestyle.





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